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About Maze of the Haze fansite

This website is primarily created for information and entertainment. This website is also created to reinforce Maze to older fans and introduce the series to new fans (like myself). As you can see, this website is pretty much simple not just in design but also in information but the information this site gets is complete and is constantly being updated whether rare Maze material comes up. Like all fansites, this one carries fan related work such as fanfiction and fanart. I was going to make this a personal site for my collection (hence the domain name) but I turned it to a fansite because of my enthusiasm of the fandom.

About MazeMegaBust Space

Maze, the series about a girl who changes to a man by night, started as a novel series by Satoru Akahori in 1993. Then a six-volume manga was made with Rei Omishi from 1996 to 2000; followed by a large size manga drawn by Eiji Suganuma (who is the character designer for the anime series as well as for the novels). The anime made its debut from J.C. Staff with two episode OVAs done in 1996 but since the plot was lifted from the manga, it didn't explain the whole thing. Therefore, a 25-episode (plus one unaired dodgy episode) debuted in 1997. The anime series finally concludes with its first and final movie that debuted in theaters in Japan in 1998 but it wasn't ever released to DVD or home video and thus remains unreleased to this day.

The series was licensed by Software Sculptors, a division of Central Park Media, around 2000. It was first released as a fansub prior to licensing. The series was initially released in dub only VHS before releasing it to DVD a few years later with extras. Both TV and OVA series were dubbed except the movie and episode 26 that both were never released even in Japan. The anime remains licensed to CPM to this day. The manga and the novels aren't released in the U.S.

About the webmaster

Me? Well, I'm AWYN short for Ask What You Need. I got to the Maze fandom via a trailer that the old Slayers DVD has and I got hooked with the "Junk Boy" song and I also like the idea of modern girl in a fantasy world while everybody else wears fantasy clothes. Then I took my decision to rent the entire series plus the OVA by Netflix and that's how I made all these screenshots you see here. This website I make is evidence of that since Maze has been unpopular and long forgotten by anime fans. 

Feel free to drop by when you can. I love meeting new people! 

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