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Major character bios. List of minor characters are on the bottom of this page.

Female Maze/Mei Ikaruga (debut: episode 1)

VA: Kotono Mitsuishi (Jap) -  Angora Deb (Dub)

The heroine and protagonist of the story. Maze is a college girl who arrives in another world void of memory when her house lands in the middle of a forest and kills some of Mill's pursuers. She becomes Mill's personal bodyguard afterwards. Upon arriving, she gains incredible powers but completely opposes violence. She gains strength later on though. She's the fusion of Mei and her brother Akira who switch places during the day just as Mei is dominant during the day while Akira is dominant during the night. Maze is brought from the real world as the Eraser to correct an imbalance.

Male Maze/Akira Ikaruga  (debut: episode 1)

VA: Tomokazu Seki (Jap) - Greg Wolfe (Dub)

The counterpart of the female Maze who appears at night. Like the female Maze, he too lost his memory upon arriving to the other world. He also gained incredible powers and loves to fight despite the female Maze's objections. He is portrayed as a very horny man who sexualizes over every pretty girl he meets. He's actually Akira from the real world who's in love with his sister Mei that leads to a love taboo and separation from their parents. At the end of the television series, the siblings decide to stay in the fantasy world to love freely. The character "Akira" can be read as "Mei" therefore the name of the series, Maze, bears the two "meis".

Mill Varna (debut: episode 1)

VA: Sakura Tange (Jap) - Elisa Wain (Dub)

Princess of Bartonia who was forced to exile after the Jania Holy Group took over and killed her parents. She found aid with the female Maze and gets extremely attached to her. She constantly fantasizes over being with Maze (always the female though) and getting married, having babies, etc. She often shows her intimate feelings or sexual advances. Mill acts very childish for her womanly size and because of this, it isn't clear if Mill is a child or an adult. She summons Dulger, the fantasy world's most powerful demi-armor who Maze can only control it. She has a habit of saying "ukyuu" in most of her sentences and "big sister/brother" to F/M Maze. She's actually an hermaphrodite in the manga.

"Whirlwind" Solude Schfoltzer  (debut: episode 1)

VA: Ai Orikasa (Jap) - Tara Jayne (Dub)

A demi-hunter together with Aster. She fights using long black needles and posses some light power but it's only limited to teleportation. She's also a lesbian and proves it by showing her affections towards the female Maze. The origin of this is when she and her friend Medusa were students of a martial arts school. They were close friends but also lovers. They separated ways when Medusa killed their master and then Solude. Years later, Medusa wastes her last bow shot and dies in Solude's arms.

Asterote "Aster" Reighe (debut: episode 1)

VA: Unshou Ishizuka (Jap) - Micheal Schwartz (Dub)

Also a demi-hunter with Solude. Their personality differences are huge but they both like drinks, women and having a good time. He too has a huge crush on the female Maze. He fights with a huge sword and is very strong.

Randy (debut: episode 2)

VA: Chinami Nishimura (Jap) - Michelle Medlin (Dub)

A small fairy who befriends female Maze. She seems to know both male and female Maze somehow. She provides useful information and hides in F/M Maze's shirt whenever she's scared. She seeks five crystals that contain some form of light power.

Rapier Saris (debut: episode 8)

VA: Yuko Kobayashi (Jap) - Suzy Prue (Dub)

A knight of Bistal. She was born in a family that wanted a son so badly to continue their legacy that they convince her that she's a man. This changes once she meets king Nanclif and he tells her that she's really a woman no matter what. She develops a huge crush on the king afterwards but remains her standing as a male knight. She'll do anything no to become a 'woman' but when male Maze convinced her, she develops an instant crush but denies all of it. Upon Bistal's fall, she vows to protect princess Mill at all costs.

Woll Dolnard (debut: episode 9)

VA: Tristan Goddard (Dub)

An old man who once served for Bistal but the queen sent him to the underground dungeon and he's been living there ever since. Like any other old man, he's very smart and knowledgeable. His specialty seems to be those homemade bombs he created while living in the dungeon. He joins the group along with Rapier after Bistal's fall.

Gold/King Farmount  (debut: episode 11)

Shin'ichirou Miki (Jap) - Dan Green (Dub)

A blond guy with the crescent moon on his forehead who claims himself to be the "playboy of modest means" but he's also king Farmount of Palania. He has an intense crush on the female Maze and is often accompanied by his loyal servants which one of them has a secret crush on him (and no, it's not just Ranchiki).

Ranchiki (debut: episode 12)

VA: Yuka Imai (Jap) - Echo (1st) Mirm (2nd) (Dub)

A multi-colored hair boy who's very fond of Gold (and the male Maze but sometimes settles for the female Maze depending on the situation). He goes all the way as requested by Gold to deliver the spell that will restore Maze's powers. He has his own demi-armor and he once conducted Dulger but was quickly defeated in battle against Gorgeous.

Dulger (debut: episode 1)

The legendary Rom-Armor of the Varna family heirloom. Mill summons it bio-linking her and Maze. It is extremely powerful and both Mazes can control it but male Maze controls it better.

Gorgeous (debut: episode 2)

VA: Ryotaro Okiayu (Jap) - Rik Guiltor (Dub)

A narcissist man of Jania who is a beauty obsessed freak. He fights under the idea of everything beauty must succeed and everything ugly must be eliminated. He gains a scar on his face during a fight with Maze in episode 4, which eventually drives him insane. In later episodes, he arrives at Maze's real world and attacks from there. He is eventually killed by Dulger and his body is taken back to his world.

Chic (debut: episode 1)

VA: Toshiyuki Morikawa (Jap) - Yotee (Dub)

Gorgeous' older brother who's a very silent man. When he and his brother were young, they barely survive a war and escape from it. The creator picked them up and trained them. Even if he fights for the glory of Jania, overlooking and protecting his brother is his top priority. Chick decides to take revenge against Maze when his brother, Gorgeous, dies at Maze's hands. He is then eventually killed by Dulger. 

Creator (debut: episode 1)

VA: Shannon Conley (F) (Dub) - Keith Howard (M) (Dub)

Leader of Jania and responsible for Bartonia's and Bistal's destruction and the murder of Mill's parents. The Creator, like Maze, can change from a old man to a young woman but more continuously. The Creator is ancestor to Maze and thus wanted to control the whole world but can't have Maze nearby. Because of Maze's destiny as the Eraser, The Creator wants Maze killed at all costs so that it can control the world freely. But it all falls down because The Creator is killed by Maze at the end of the television series.

Minor character list

  • Saber - The leader of a tribe whom Maze and company visit before going to Bistal.
  • Queen Casandra of Bistal - Queen of the Bistal empire with a tyrant personality.
  • King Nanclif  - King of Bistal empire and husband of Queen Casandra.
  • Prince Leirick - Son of Casandra. The queen's beloved yet spoiled son. Killed by Jania.
  • Jifa - One of Jania's major commanders. He was defeated by male Maze.
  • Kyle - A male Maze look-alike from the past. A cyborg soldier of Mayfield.
  • Yoriki  - One of King Farmount's servants. The only female in his military group.
  • Sir Thanus - Leader of the military border between Bistal and Bartonia.
  • Dawsin - Another of King Farmount's servants. His most loyal servant.
  • Medusa  - Solude's friend from their training days at the ninja academy.
  • Dr. Mayfield - A Mill look-alike ancestor from the past. A scientist who build Dulger.
  • Den Marsh - Minister of Treasury to King Farmount. Worked with Jania to capture Mill.
  • Pochomkin - Another of Jania's major comanders. He rebels against Jania to work for his proposes.

  • Duke De Den Den - King of Babylon who constructed a tower against his country's expense.
  • Princess Mix - Den Den's older daughter who's against her father's project.
  • Prince Nuts - Den Den's youngest son and Mix's brother. He's a carefree and outgoing child.
Movie character list
  • Yang  
  • Yung    >  Each are a trio of sister priestess who guard themselves against the Giants.
  • Young

The above list contains the most noticeable and relevant minor characters.

Much thanks for Anime News Network and Wikipedia for biography revision, VA and minor character list.

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