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Major Maze Links

Maze Fan Community sites

Maze Fansites

There are so few but I'll list them anyway. The so-called Maze fansites are actually reviews of the anime series. I'll the ones that doesn't focus on review like movies or cosplay. Many of the sites below are actually fan pages; not complete fansites.
These sites haven't been updated in a long time though.

Non-English fansites

Japanese Fansites

Actually, they're not really fansites but pages of the Maze series that contains information of images of some kind. The following pages are in Japanese only. Great if you know Japanese to read off from these pages. Otherwise, you might want to use Babelfish or other translation site for translations.

This site is not responsible for the outcome of these links. Nor this site shares affiliation with any of them. They're for your information only.

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