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As mentioned in this site, Maze has its movie. This movie, however, is also its first and its last and never released to home video nor to foreign countries. The movie once released in Japanese theaters, was never released to video for some unknown reason (either it could be poor sales or lack of proper advertising or some other reason beyond us). As you see in the poster ad, the movie hit Japanese theaters April 25, 1998. The series' studio, J.C. Staff, has the movie listed in their roster but as I said, they never released it to home video, laser disc or DVD like they did with the OVAs and the television series. They even never released a trailer so knowing about the movie seems impossible. Or is it?

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, I was able to dig deep into websites of all languages including Japanese ones to see if I could find some summary of the movie. It was hard going through all those foreign language websites but I finally stumble upon one that actually tells the summary of the whole movie. The whole summary comes from a Japanese website which its author had actually seen the movie.

Keep in mind that following summary has large spoilers since it's never released elsewhere. I'm going to summarize to the best of my abilities and if the summary doesn't make sense, don't worry. It's still just a summary anyways. I highly doubt this movie will be released to DVD nowadays but anyway, here's the summary:

Long time ago, there was peace until the giants decide to wake up after years and years of slumber.The three priestesses sisters who were guarding their shrine had to retreat to seek help and who better to ask Maze for help. Obviously, Maze and company investigate the whole incident and they find themselves fighting against the giants. With the help of the shrine maidens, they finally save the fantasy world. The end.

The above is the overall summary of the Maze movie. The plot, according to the author previously mentioned, is hard to understand. The conclusion is even harder. What are those giants doing there? What is their propose? Why were the shrine maidens involved? Things like this need better development but sadly, the movie only lasted 42 minutes. It's way too short to fully develop the movie with proper characterization and propose of the giants. It's also not clear whether this movie is part of the manga or a stand alone anime movie. Speaking of the anime, the movie is obiviously a sequel. However, Jania Holy Group appears in the movie when they shouldn't. Why? Because they're dead at the end of the TV series. They shouldn't be alive. What is Jania doing there is something neither I or anybody else knows.

Jania aside, there is also a lot of nudity in that movie. It's reasonable though, there's a bathing scene. But sometimes there's nudity with no reason whatsoever like one of the shrine maidens appearing naked before our heroes. Sexual situations are non existent. See some full shots here (nudity galore).

The only new characters in this movie are the shrine maidens and apparently none of them have demi-armors. The two tomboy-looking siblings are actually twin girls. The seiyuu/voice actors of these women are unknown. However, they have their names. That's right! I just recently learned that the maidens have their names. The names are Yang, Young, Yung (now that's a bad pun). Other than the maidens, the movie has the same cast from the television series (aside from the giants that is).

This movie will never see the light of day but we do know about its existence and it's not fiction. It's a fact. Not all hope is lost. Like all movies, this one released a soundtrack with music of the movie prior to its theatrical release. The movie's single "Big Fight" by Tomokazu Seki (male Maze's Jap VA) isn't addicting like the television singles and OVAs but it's still a decent song. I found this CD by luck on eBay (which by the way, the CD itself is hard to get) and bought it. The booklet of the CD contains screenshots as well as "Big Fight" lyrics, movie summary and tons more. The CD has 28 tracks and which two of them have vocal songs in it.


The final pages of the CD booklet have nudity just so you know.

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