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The OVA is a two episode series that came out in 1996 before the actual TV series (1997). Believe it or not, the OVA actually introduced the series. Both episodes are settled in the middle of the manga series. That's why understanding the plot is hard because first off, it doesn't have a plot. Neither a story to tell. The main propose of this OVA is just for sheer laughter.

The English dub version came after the dub of the TV series.

Like I said, don't bother trying to find out the story and plot of this OVA. It's based on the middle of the manga series. It helps if you watch the TV series first then you go after this (ironically, it was the other way around for the Japanese back then). Otherwise, you will find yourself confused (unless you watched some clips on YouTube beforehand).


Maze is woman by day and man by night but guy Male prefers to chase the ladies.

That sentence above sums up the both OVA episodes in 17 words and that's it. No point of finding plot or story because you will not find it. It's all comedy and sex (including rape). Without major spoilers, the episodes go like this: Maze and company arrive at Babylonia to face a king who built a tower at his country's expense. Meanwhile, Gorgeous takes his revenge on Maze and get his ass kicked. The tower crumbles. Maze saves the day. The end. That's all you need to know about these both OVAs. Nothing smart or serious to show other than vast amount of nudity, bare breasts, bloody violence, swearing and crude sexual humor. In addition, there's comedy such as the trivia contest (with the logo of Kadokawa Shoten on the contest tables) asking questions about the Maze series. I think the writers did it on propose to promote this anime. After all, this OVA did came out first in Japan before the television series. Now I'll finish with the pictures.
Certain screen shots are not work safe so I hide them behind the link. View at your own risk.  

Episode 1 - Bold and Wonderful Challenger 


Episode 2 - Bold and Radical Adventurer 


Here's where all the sex and full nudity lies. You've been warned.

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