Maze of the Haze

A Maze Megaburst Space fansite

The Maze television series under the name of
Maze: Bakunetsu Jikū  MAZE☆爆熱時空 (translated as Maze: The Megaburst Space) is a fantasy, mecha-based, parody series that aired in Japan from April 2, 1997 to September 24, 1997 with 25 episodes each (plus one unaired episode) created by J.C. Staff, the same studio that adapted Slayers anime. The television follows the plot from the original manga series and unlike the OVA, the TV anime tells the entire story from the beginning. The anime was aired at midnight so this explains the unusual nature of the series. The TV anime as well as the OVA was released in the US under Software Sculptors, a division of Central Park Media. Prior to licensing, it was released as a fansub.

For purposes of the summaries, I'll refer Maze as the female only since there is a female AND a male Maze. Male Maze will simply be referred as the male Maze. However, those two have their true names that isn't revealed until almost the end of the TV series. Once revealed, they will be placed in future summaries thus ending F/M Maze confusion. The sub version titles ended with "-desu" but they're obiviously removed in the dub.

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