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Episode 11 – “Beware of the Handsome Playboy”

Maze along with Rapier and Woll, whom joined the group, arrived in Palania. The country seems to be in a festival honoring the coronation of a new king. A guy, who’s name is Gold, appears before Maze, Mill, Randy and Rapier and invites them to a local pub. Gold explains that the country is in trouble because someone close to the king betray him and Jania is apparently behind this. Gold then takes the gals to a alley and his gang kidnaps Mill and Maze by fainting them with sleepy smoke. The smoke also disables Maze’s power but she's able to turn a man at night but somehow remains a woman inside. Maze and Mill are confronted by “Den Den Marshmallow” upon their arrival to his castle and when both ladies are about to die, Gold appears and declares war on his enemy.

Episode 12 – “Licensed Arbitrator of Justice”

Gold makes his entry by attacking the enemies in the room. Then a multicolored-hair boy whose name is Ranchiki comes to deliver a drug on behalf of Gold to recover Maze’s powers. Maze herself refuses but Ranchiki forces her to drink it. Maze faints but then she awakens with the voice and personality of the male Maze and begins the attack (she eventually returns back to her normal self). The king’s traitor is finally captured and the girls learn that the masked king is actually Gold himself. Then Jania’s Russian-stereotype messenger summons a huge demi-armor who Dulger eventually beats it up. Gold takes the ladies to the same pub to celebrate their victory.

Episode 13 – “Sudden Turn of Events?! Maze is a Time Traveler”

A large and mysterious demi-armor is excavated at Palania’s digging site and it suddenly begins its attack. Mill and Maze summon Dulger but they’re unable to fight against the black demi-armor and both gals find themselves in a city-based wasteland. The girls are eventually taken to a lab for examination but its scientists are unable to examine them. The scientist (who looks like Mill) who calls herself May explains that the demon demi-armor the girls face is very powerful and invincible. However, she also explains that the scientists themselves are to blame because they wanted to created the ultimate demi-armor with light power but their experiment failed and thus result that black demon. Apparently, there is a way to stop the demon….

Episode 14 – “Manifestation of the Holy One: Rom-Armor Rises!

Still in the past (yes believe it or not), The scientist May begs Maze to control Dulger but Kyle comes in and tells that she shouldn’t. There is no other choice but to let Maze control Dulger. Maze is then put to a test to see if she can sync with Dulger without problems but the evil black demi-armor comes in busting onto Dulger. Maze eventually defeats it and both Mill and Maze return to their world to the way it was before the black demi-armor attacked.

Episode 15 – “The Long- Awaited Special Event: The Hot Springs of Love!”

Solude and Rapier rush to a hot spring that, according to Randy, will make them five years younger. Mazes refuses to enter the spring but is convinced by Mill and Solude particularly Randy’s as she says that the spring will benefit her specially. Maze suddenly finds herself alone in the forest and a house appears out of nowhere. A man who looks like the male Maze greets her. Then a sequence of insane, parody events follows. The thing is it’s part of a dream world the women are trapped in. Randy tells Ranchiki, who’s  passing by, to enter the dream world and convince them to return to reality, which they did (the whole spring disappears).

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