Maze of the Haze

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Episode 1 - "A Stranger Lost in Random Space"  


Maze is a college girl who arrives in another world void of memory when her house lands in the middle of the forest (ala Wizard of Oz). Meanwhile, Mill runs from Jania pursuers who want her killed. Fortunately, she's able to meet Maze and she explains that her house killed some of her pursuers. Eventually, they get discovered by the Jania Holy Group and Mill proceeds to explain that she's a princess from Bartonia. Her country was invaded and her parents were killed. Mill gives herself in but Maze used light power known as form (although the Japanese call it "folm") to save her. The Jania warriors summon their demi-armors which leads to Mill summon hers, Rom-Armor Doulger, the Varna family heirloom, and bio-linking her and Maze as her pilot. At night, Maze transforms into a man whom defeats the enemies thus saving the day.

Episode 2 - "A Quick as Lighting Super Mighty Couple"

Aster and Solude make their debut in a post-Bartonian invasion bar. Meanwhile, Mill tells male Maze about the Jania invasion supposedly carried out by her uncle so she's planning to go to Bistal to seek aid from her queen aunt. Male Maze agrees to accompany her but he has agendas of his own. The sun rises and he returns to his female self. Shortly, they're spotted by Aster and Solude whom fall upon them. Maze and Mill decide to ignore them but demi-armors appear, whom Aster and Solude defeat. Maze learns that they're demi-hunters, those who hunt down average and weak demi-armors. The episode concludes with Gorgeous making his next move.

Episode 3 - "Trapped and Hopeless: A Pinch of a Lifetime"

Gorgeous commands the border troop to find and capture princess Mill by any means. Meanwhile, Maze and company spend the night (still) in the forest of Pannon. Morning rises and the gang continue their trip. The border troops under Randy, the fairy's guide, arrive where Maze and company are. Maze tells Mill to summon Dulger but Maze decides to escape instead by using Dulger to run away from combat. Nighttime falls, and male Maze comes out and with Dulger, he defeats the enemies with one single gigantic blow. Now free from boundaries, Randy decides to join Maze and her group. Knowing the situation, Gorgeous decides to kill Maze on his own.

Episode 4 - "The Ultimate Rage Blows Up"

Maze wakes up from a dream about herself and the male Maze. Then she takes a bath in the river and Randy, the fairy, tells her the shortcut to Bistal. Randy is impressed by Maze's power but Maze herself is less than impressed. Nighttime falls and male Maze is tied up to a tree. Gorgeous takes advantage of the situation of summoning Undeader, a demi-armor that devours souls. Dulger then is summoned and as male Maze is about to defeat it, morning rises as male Maze returns to his female self but she faints. Undeader then shows souls of the dead who have been killed by Jania including Mill's parents. Maze awakens with rage and defeats Undeader with one blow burning Gorgeous' face in progress. Maze and her company continue their trip afterwards.

Episode 5 - "An Old Fashioned Unparalleled Blue Wolf"

The episode begins with the border troops freeing their leader, Thanus. Meanwhile (still) in the Pannon forest, Mill bathes in the spring as she tells Maze to accompany her. Then a tribal woman comes in shortly followed by a rival tribe. Maze, Aster and Solude drive them away. In gratitude, the chief of Lors village award them a feast and decides to hire them as their bodyguards. Maze goes out for a walk when she stumble upon a baby boy who belongs to Saber, the baby's father. Dai is the baby's name. At night, the rival Zork tribe arrives at Lors wreaking havoc. Male maze tells Mill to summon Dulger but fails. Mill did twice and she explains that Dulger doesn't sync if his heart is departed from the world. Female Maze within male Maze hesitates to fight but she finds herself at the point of no return. Male male recovers his light powers (that previously failed when he tried to call Dulger) and defeats some enemies. The episode concludes with Solude being captured by the Zork tribe and is seen badly tortured.

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