Maze of the Haze

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Episode 16 – “A Trouble Heart on the Eve of Battle”

The Bartonia empire, controlled by Jania, wants to engage in a war against Palania, and of course, the country accepts it. King Farmount tells Maze she shouldn’t worry and kisses her out of blue until Ranchiki shows up and chases continuously after Maze. However, Ranchiki gives up upon male Maze’s appearance by nighttime. Maze is still against the idea of war but she heads out anyway for Mill’s sake. Jania is preparing to make their move while the creator claims that a certain Eraser must be destroyed.

Episode 17 – “The Battle of Good vs. Evil. Maze is Dead!?”

While everybody else plans their battle strategy, Rapier walks in a tent where she finds Solude putting make up on Maze. She says that a woman should always look good no matter what. After a brief comedy with the male Maze, war breaks out the very next day and there are already dozens of enemy demi-armors destroyed. Then a larger powerful demi-armor controlled by Gorgeous attacks Dulger with a psychic attack which puts Maze in a situation where her friends consider her the enemy. Maze eventually wakes up and attacks Gorgeous until the Creator gives Gorgeous enough strength to punch directly to Dulger and apparently killing Maze in progress.

Episode 18 –“ The Furious Tempest of a Radical Leap!”

Everybody mourns the death of Maze and Mill decides to take revenge as well as everybody else. Ranchiki tells Mill to summon Dulger so he can pilot it in Maze’s place. The war still breaks on but now there are dead soldiers because of Gorgeous’ demi-armor smoke attack. King Farmount enters the battlefield with his own royal demi-armor and attacks Gorgeous but Chic’s demi-armor attacks the king’s. Maze’s spirit appears before the Creator and immediately starts attacking her. As eraser, she must be killed so that the Creator can rule the world as god. Maze then wakes up and attacks Gorgeous to the point the five crystals (ruby, sapphire, emerald, topaz, diamond) react and sends them what seems to be a different world.

Episode 19 –“I am Mei, a College Student”

Maze apparently returns to her world as a college student name Mei Igaruka. Her friends also arrive in Maze’s world. Solude runs a bar and apparently is raising Mill and Ranchiki. Woll works as the site’s bartender.  Aster works in construction and Rapier as a librarian. Rapier along with Randy tries their best to investigate what actually happened to them but without a success. Rapier wants to know the Randy’s reason for collecting the crystals. Randy says that a the forest spoke to her and demanded the five crystals. Then a flashback shows how the nickname Maze come to be with the names of “Akira” and “Mei”. Maze goes to her brother Akira’s house and tells him that she isn’t Mei and that there are two Mazes. Before proceeding to tell her story, they’re attacked by none other than Gorgeous.

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