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Episode 20 – "A Pursuit Under the Moon With a Beautiful Stranger"

Maze (as Mei) and Akira rush through the streets to escape from Gorgeous’ attacks but Akira is attacked and finds himself badly injured. Because of this, Mill advises the crew that Maze is in danger. Maze and Akira run to Shakunan College where she currently attends for relief. Still investigating recent events, Rapier finds a book that explains the legend of Ikaruga, about a certain god that was born 600 years ago and that Maze’s college stands where the village of Ikaruga stood once. After a small talk between Maze and Akira sharing the same feelings, Gorgeous reappears. Before Gorgeous kills them off, Rapier appears. Maze can’t use her light power due to the school’s barrier. Afterwards, Maze and Akira arrive at the basement following Mill’s guidance and they discover light energy as well as the image of the Jania Creator. Mei and Akira’s feelings for each other is the reason behind one Maze and the intense light power that controls everything. That’s why the Creator wants Maze dead so it can all the power to itself. It’s also revealed that the Creator is ancestor to Maze. Maze eventually destroys the barrier thus the gang intervene to aid Maze. Gorgeous then leaves the scene. Akira vows that he’ll protect the Mei inside Maze until they become one Maze. 

Episode 21 – "An Angel of Summer: The Barefooted Fairy"

The gang arrive at the beach for some R&R. Maze, on the other hand, still feels worried that Gorgeous may attack them at any time. As Maze’s comrades leave to have fun, Randy transforms into a full human when she was sleeping in the basket thus breaking it. Randy explains that once a year she becomes a human woman for mating with a man. She tries her best to get a man but she’s unable to succeed. However, Akira comes to her rescue when she’s attacked by some thugs. Admired at his actions, Randy tries to romantically connect with Akira but Akira proclaims that he loves someone else. By near nighttime, Randy returns to her fairy self as she awaits next year’s mating day.

Episode 22 – "Vanishing Power Imminent Terror"

Mei and Akira’s father call their home saying that Mei would attend school abroad. Akira takes the phone and hangs it up. Meanwhile, everybody is in their jobs until the ground begins to shake and Woll says that it’s happen very often in the area they’re in. Chic wants to go after his brother Gorgeous in the real world but the Creator refuses. Aster and Solude are attacked all of a sudden by beings summoned by Gorgeous. Solude, as well as the others,  can’t use her power well because of the lack of light power in the real world.  Randy explains that to return to their world, Mei and Akira have to perform a risky ritual as it’s laid in the sacred seal. Akira refuses but after a while, he finally decides and both perform the ritual. But their ritual fails upon Gorgeous’ arrival who summons Undeader demi-armor.

Episode 23 – "A Metropolis Under Attack : The Demon Gorgeous Strikes!"

Gorgeous’ demi-armor wrecks havoc all over the city. At the same time, he’s suffering because he’s weakened by the demi-armor consuming him. Maze and Akira resume the ritual as Solude, Aster and others try their best to stop Undeader but the ritual fails again with Gorgeous’ attacks. Undeader wraps Maze in its vines then Chic tells him via space portal that he shouldn’t continue because he will die if expands his power. Blind in revenge, Gorgeous ignores his brother’s warnings and keeps strangling Maze. Akira’s ultimate desire to become one with Mei awakens the true power of Maze as male Maze reappears once more. Dulger is finally summoned thus ending the intense struggle once and for all against Undeader and killing Gorgeous at the same time. Space-time portal is open and finally the whole gang return to their other world. Chic hold the dead body of his brother and vows revenge against Maze.

Episode 24 – "The Last Battle Between The Ultimate Good and Evil!"

Gold and his commanders explain while Maze and company were in the real world that the war died down and Bistal is set free. Gold says that Maze’s return will ensure absolute victory against Jania. Rapier acts weird all of a sudden and it’s the result of the smell of alcohol and food Aster, Solude and Mill are consuming. The gang continue their fun until they realize that Maze is missing. Male Maze appears to Maze as an illusion and they begin a small chat. Both female and male Maze share the same feelings and emotions. Afterwards, Randy shows up to give the five crystals to Maze to defeat Jania. Maze and company finally arrive to Mill’s kingdom of Bartonia and they’re attacked by Jania’s army upon their arrival. Just then Chic’s demi-armor crashes right to Dulger knocking it down. Maze is afraid that once she defeats the Creator, she and male Maze will be forced to return back to the real world.

Episode 25 – "An Adventure in the Mega-Burst Space!"

Chic continues attacking Maze with such intensity. Maze is still reluctant to attack but if she defeats the Creator with the help of the crystals, she’ll be forced to return to her world. Mill begs her not to leave. Maze then uses the power of the crystals to defeat Chic’s demi-armor and killing him at the same time. However, the battle is far from over. The Creator finally appears to Dulger as a gigantic monster but it’s actually the Creator’s true form. The Creator sends out snake like things and Rapier, Aster, Solude and Ranchiki help fighting against them. Then Dulger is caught in the Creator’s web and is being absorbed in its giga-armor. Male Maze orders Mill to get out of Dulger and asks her to wait. Now inside the Creator, Male Maze walks up to the faux god and the Creator tells Maze that they share the same destiny but the fusion of female/male Maze with their light power defeats the Creator completely and destroying its giga-armor. Unfortunately, Maze’s destiny as the Eraser forces Mei and Akira to return to their world but both siblings decide to stay so they can freely love each other. The five crystals are destroyed. Maze and company are reunited. Bartonia is now set free and world peace is restored at last.

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