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Episode 6 - "Loving and Unrivaled Rom Armor"

Maze looks at the village and she feels responsible for the tragedy that has befallen. Maze then decides to rescue Solude at the rival tribe. Saber decides to accompany her but he has an agenda of his own. Solude, still imprisoned, was about to give up but Maze appears and frees her. The Lors village is under attack again but a powerful diamond form demi-armor kills all his comrades causing Maze to call upon Dulger, who defeats the enemy demi-armor with one blow. Saber takes his revenge against the Bossman for the murder of his father and wife, Sasana and he succeeds by killing the Bossman. Peace returns at last as Maze and company continue their way to Bistal.

Episode 7 - "Whirlwind and Lighting Rod: A Showdown at High Noon"

Aster and Solude were fighting against demi-armors until they're attacked by Solude's old friend, Medusa. Both were students of a martial arts school ten years ago and Medusa was always a rank above her. In addition to being classmates, they were also very close friends.  For her own ambition (since she was constantly improving herself), Medusa goes berserk and kills her own master. She vows to kill Solude the next time they meet. Ten years later, they meet again and they fight in an abandoned town and after a while of intense struggle (when Medusa's crossbow runs out of ammo after shooting it so that Solude can kill her because of her desire for intense power that ruined their lives), Medusa dies in Solude's arms.

Episode 8 – “A Brave and Beautiful Lady Knight”

At last, Maze and company arrive at the country of Bistal. They’re confronted by royal servants upon their arrival but a female knight saves them and introduces herself as Rapier. Their welcome is less than pleasant upon their arrival at the castle: Mill’s aunt places a disabler choker on Maze and orders Mill to marry her prince son so that both nations, Bartonia and Bistal shall unite. Maze is then thrown to the underground dungeon and after some struggle, she finds herself in a life and death situation when someone holds her down and apparently is preparing to stab her. 

Episode 9 – “A Conspiracy in the Evil Underground Labyrinth”

Maze isn’t stabbed but instead a mice. An old man apologizes and introduces himself as Woll, who once served as prime minister for Bistal. Meanwhile, the prince runs away from his castle as he complains that Mill doesn’t want to obey him. Suddenly,  someone who claims to be a candy seller shows up to the prince. Mill, accompanied by Rapier, hurries to the dungeon to rescue Maze, whom together with Woll and Randy were escaping from some killer knights. Mill is taken away once more and Male Maze finally appears (still with the choker on but it eventually breaks). On the other hand, the prince shows the vending lady the magic square that protects Bistal and as long the barrier is there, nothing can’t penetrate it. The prince is suddenly killed and the mysterious lady ends up to be one of Jania’s messengers, whom Jania is now beginning to invade Bistal.

Episode 10 – “The Sad Collapse of a Prosperous Empire”

Jania moves all of its forces into Bistal and destroying everything in its path. Queen Casandra, sadden by the death of her son, Lerick, is powerless to counterattack. Meanwhile, Mill escapes death from Jania’s messenger when male Maze saves her. The bad guy summons his demi-armor which forces Mill and male Maze to summon theirs. Rapier returns to the castle because she’s worried about King Nanclif but he tells her to go protect princess Mill so that she can be his successor. She refuses but she had to knocked unconscious to leave along with Woll, Solude and Aster. Mill and male Maze have a hard time against the opponent but they eventually defeat it. However, it’s too late. By morning, Bistal has completely fallen and is now controlled by the Jania Holly Group.

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